My Service

Whether you prefer virtual, on-line contact and support or in-person interactions, I will tailor my service to match your goals exactly. Maybe you are a producer or grower taking your first steps into selling directly to retail customers, or a long-established, non-food retailer about to add a cafe or coffee bar service to your offer?

Perhaps you have grown to such a size that you now need support to set and maintain merchandising standards across your outlets, or you simply know that you are not maximising the return on the food retail space you have|?

No time like the present. New season, new or returning staff. Work with me and take advantage of my expertise in merchandising to help you make the most of the resources you have. Empower and re-invigorate your team while strengthening your retail knowledge.

  • Start with a no-obligation 15 minute conversation on the phone. Let’s discuss your business space and what you want to achieve. Book here
  • Perhaps a simple list of 10 tips and ideas would suit you? Send me 5-10 photos of your space and we’ll take it from there. Just £50. Book here

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  • Want a more thorough Visual Audit? Book an hour’s virtual consultation and we’ll walk your space together. I’ll then send you a full list of relevant ideas, inspiration and tips to help you improve the visual impact, the customer’s experience and therefore, increase sales levels. Just £145 Book here
  • Let’s get your team involved and develop their skills to deliver the changes your want – not just initially but ongoing. One of my Visual Merchandising Workshops (real or virtual) is just the thing to get those creative juices flowing. Learn the theory behind what makes us buy things, and then how best to use that knowledge within YOUR space and with YOUR products. From a 1.5hr virtual workshop ‘Visual Merchandising for Caterers and Foodie Places’ intro, to a full day, including practical time spent on your shop floor. Price dependant on project – let’s have a chat about it. Contact me here.

10% off your first booking for full members

I am proud to be a member of the Farm Retail Association, ready to help those who have become almost ‘accidental’ caterers or retailers by cleverly diversifying their original farming operation.

I can help add to your professional skill base and maximise the benefits of diversification.

10% off your first booking for full members


Getting your team up to speed by delivering tailored training and mentoring solutions. Virtual or in-person sessions. Modular or Complete Courses.

From 1 – 50 people, I will build content that suits your requirements.


There’s no point knowing all the theory if it doesn’t get put into practise. I can bring your plans to life, from a one-off make-over to an ongoing support system to maintain standards. Let’s make sure the results are monitored too to deliver effective ROI in the shortest possible time.


Adding inspiration when you are short of ideas and time. New products, display, equipment and layout. Missing a trick? Let’s find that perfect complementary product to complete your offer.


Fresh-pair-of-eyes review of your current customer-journey. Practical solutions to improve sales and profitability with better merchandising.

Let’s get things moving.

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