Tip #1 2022: Fresh Start

While your business may be in a slow period, capitalise on any extra time this gives you. Use that breathing space to review last year’s achievements and struggles, so you can build on what made you money, and learn from the parts that didn’t go so well.

Which store activities and displays made the best impact? Why was that? Was it the way you had chosen and arranged the products? If so, is this replicable across more of the year in 2022? Was there a team member who showed a natural ability to create seasonal displays, that drew the eye of customers, started conversations and generated sales?

Maybe it’s time to build on those skills, reward effort with some training to endorse creativity, and ensure you retain your star performers?

Or perhaps you need assistance to identify strengths and opportunities? Bring in some additional support NOW to ensure you can take full benefit over the year. Get in touch…

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash


My expertise is in making sense of merchandising – demystifying it with plenty of well-established theory and spot-on, relevant solutions for each client and space I work with. My background is in food service management, so I bring a tried and tested merchandising principle of maximising visual appeal to food and food service.

Work with me to develop your team, improve your own understanding and maximise the profitability of your foodie space. Be that a cafe, restaurant or food retail area – or more commonly today, a combination of all of these – my approach is to tailor my advice and guidance to YOUR requirements.

  • Start with a no-obligation 15 minute conversation on the phone. Let’s discuss your business space and what you want to achieve. Book here
  • Perhaps a simple list of 10 tips and ideas would suit you? Send me 5-10 photos of your space and we’ll take it from there. Just £50. Book here
  • Want a more thorough Visual Audit? Book an hour’s virtual consultation and we’ll walk your space together. I’ll then send you a full list of relevant ideas, inspiration and tips to help you improve the visual impact, the customer’s experience and therefore, increase sales levels. Just £145 Book here
  • Let’s get your team involved and develop their skills to deliver the changes your want – not just initially but ongoing. One of my Visual Merchandising Workshops (real or virtual) is just the thing to get those creative juices flowing. Learn the theory behind what makes us buy things, and then how best to use that knowledge within YOUR space and with YOUR products. From a 1.5hr virtual workshop ‘Visual Merchandising for Caterers and Foodie Places’ intro, to a full day, including practical time spent on your shop floor. Price dependant on project – let’s have a chat about it. Contact me here.

Here’s what my clients say…

No hesitation in recommending this workshop to others

…presented in such a clear and engaging way

Can’t wait to get back to start changing my layouts!’,

An enjoyable & informative day’,

Learnt to look at everything with new eyes as if I was the customer’,

Thank you so much for coming…we’re all so inspired and full of ideas

Find out more

I’ll work with you personally to devise an effective programme that delivers your goals, and suits your budget.

I look forward to hearing from you soon 😀

Case Studies

I’ve lots of examples to share but here’s a taste of the kind of things I get up to.

Re-Purposing Your Space

Let me help you decide how to refocus your space, to meet the changing customer expectations post COVID-19. Make the best of your budget and equipment to help you adapt your service.

Refreshing Existing Cafes

I’ll work from pictures, videos and floor-plans remotely to devise new layout with existing equipment to refresh the look of your space. Let’s improve your customer-flow, spend and overall experience together.

Merchandising Workshops

Empower your staff to go to the next level. Online sessions, tailored specifically to your business and delivered interactively and effectively in this ‘downtime’.

Let’s start a conversation


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